Expert Profers Solution To Business Financing


Concerned about the problems surrounding the raising of capital by small and medium scale businesses financial experts have concluded arrangement to financially empower entrepreneurs.

Speaking in an exclusive chart with The Tide, the Managing Partner of Stogba, Associates, Mr Steve Owuogba said the financial company was spured by the level of poverty and the financial cries of many people.

Owuogba who is also a chartered Accountant /banker and a financial consultant in the company, said the experts are organising a “unique Wealth Empowerment Seminar,” which will address financial related problem, especially the issue of raising capital to start and grow businesses.

He stated that the wealth seminar which will take place on Saturday at Aldgate Congress Hotel, Abacha Road, Port Harcourt will teach participants, “four businesses they can do without capital and earn up to N100,000 per month, which could be done on part-time or full-time basis.

“Employment opportunities to earn income of up to N70,000 per month, “How to grow your business to a Mega business through your banker,” and “How to increase your business by 100 percent in 90 days.”

The  managing partner who has over 20 years work experience said the issue of lack of capital exists due to ignorance of the many opportunities capable of raising business capital.