Woman, Son, Marry, Get Baby


Wonder they say shall never end. A young man in Ife in Ogun State has not only slept with his mother but have had a baby with her.

Small Talks source in the area, said the incest started some years back when the boy lost his father at Primary three.

The boy who was a teenager at the time continued sharing bed with the mother until when he was about 15-year-old.

According to the source, the boys mother woke him up one night and narrated her urgent need of a baby.

Surprisingly to the boy, the mother told him that he could make her have a baby, saying that she was unwilling to meet any other man for same purpoe since he was of age.

Right there on the bed, the boy took the position of his father, on his mother’s request.

The game continued for months until the boy left for Ibadan where he was to be trained as a driver.

Upon his return after the stipulated three years of apprenticeship, his mother introduced teenage boy to him as the younger brother.

The boy who is convinced about fathering the boy is now worried whether he will accept the boy as a brother or son since his children as coming up in age.