Man Impregnates Sister In US


In a bid to keep their stay in USA, an Ibo man has put his elder sister in the family way.

Small Talks was told that, in that part of USA where the lady in question is staying, accommodations are not made available for single ladies.

Confused about the situation, she sent for one of her younger brothers to come over to USA.

The Tide On Sunday learnt that the whole documents for her brother’s trip claimed that he was her husband.

On that note, the youngman’s visa was made ready and he traveled to USA as his sister’s husband.

Right there in US, both of them started as husband and wife only on the surface.

After one year, the two maintained their pretense as husband and wife.

On sensing danger about her stay in that region, she decided to have baby with her kid brother.

Small Talks gathered that it took the man long time to do it with his sister which he knew is  a taboo in Nigeria and in the Ibo land.

As an “obedient” brother, he later obeyed and did it.

Small Talks gathered that until they left that region, they spent quality times together as husband and wife.