Man Dies Under Lover’s Bed


The saying that the evil that men do live with them, came to bear recently, in one of the communities in Rivers State as an average age man died under his lover’s bed.

According to the story, the man was said to have been dating his kinsman’s wife under the man’s nose.

Due to the families closeness, Small Talks was told, the man whose wife was involved in the illicit business never believed it.

Small Talks gathered that the man made it an every night affair since the his kinsman was always away for work.

Determined to fined out the truth, the man informed his wife that he was going to come back late as usual.

In her usual way, she invited her lover to the bedroom and the husband who was working on tip-off, came much later that night.

On hearing foot steps towards the door, the woman asked her lover to hide under the bed, without knowing that her husband had over heard her.

The man immediately brought out his knife, and inflicted severe cuts on his victim.

When the wife noticed danger, she pleaded with him to stop but the man never heeded her advice.

The wife snatcher was unable to raise an alarm until he bled to death under his lover’s bed.