‘Regulatory Bodies Responsible For Building Collapse’


The Federation of Construction Industry has blamed regulatory authorities for the high rate of building collapse in the country. Mr Mobolaji Williams, the President of the federation, said this at its Annual General Meeting and seminar in Abuja.

“When you talk of collapsed buildings, it is because the supervising ministries and the supervising departments have not controlled stages of such constructions”.

“Across the world, from the moment you are putting your foundation, you must get your certificate after inspection by the regulatory authority to show that it has been done well,” Williams noted. According to him, different certificates are supposed to be issued at different stages of construction to certify that it is in order.

Williams said the process was not being followed in Nigeria, adding: “That is what we are now looking at to ensure that we don’t have collapsed structures.”

He said the industry was facing a lot of  challenges, stating that rods being used for reinforcement of buildings were not the right size.

“Instead of using a 12mm rod, in the market you only get 8.5mm rod and they will sell it to you for 12mm. So what do you expect from the strength of an 8.5mm rod”.

“The man that is going there to buy the rod does not know and he has not gone there with a calibrator to check.  The market man just tells you it is 12mm, then you buy and at the end of the day, you have a collapsed building,” Williams said.

The president said the Nigeria Society of Engineers and the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria were working hard to check the menace.   

He also urged the federal and state governments to ensure that the standard practice was followed.