Etisalat Subscribers Lament Recharge Cards Scarcity


Subscribers of the Etisalat Network have said that there had been insufficient Etisalat recharge cards in the market in the last two weeks which they said had reduced the rate of their communication and contacts with loved ones.

They opined that the scarcity of the cards was a strategy by the network to reduce or total denial of its users the gains inherent in the network through its on-going promos.

Speaking to The Tide in Port Harcourt, a civil servant and subscriber of the Etisalat newtwork, Edwin Isong noted that the Etisalat network had through its cheap services and promos increased the level of GSM communication but regretted that the recent scarcity of its recharge cards had put subscribers in a fix.

Isong said, “this Etisalat network is one network that one can confidently say had impacted more on GSM users and especially to those ones that make a lot of calls, especially for their businesses. Etisalat has made calls to become very cheap because it charges a very small amount for calls to other networks which cannot be compared to other networks but lately, the recharge cards have become very scarce, may be they do not want us to enjoy their services any more”.

Another subscriber who is a student of the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Kpekot Israel, said the scarcity of the recharge cards had disconnected her from her contacts adding that the situation had even created some fears in relatives regarding her state.

“Since the recharge cards became scarce, I could no longer reach my people as I used to and some of them even felt that something was wrong with me”,  she said.

Reacting further, Kpekot also expressed her fears that Etisalat network may want to pull out from her promos and charges rate by increasing it like other networks.

She said, “I really don’t know why the card is scarce. Maybe they want to pull out from her promos. Maybe they have been at a losts within this period and may not be meeting up with the gains in the business and that could lead to the scarcity.”

A vendor of recharge cards, Margeret Eze, who confirmed the scarcity said the situation had also reduced their earnings in the business.

Margeret, however, said that the situation is improving as there are more Etisalat recharge cards in the market this week against the last two weeks.

“The cards are there now but the quantity is not as before,” she said.

Margeret further told The Tide that the Etisalat network was spreading however with more people subscribing to the network.