Confab On Child Rights Law holds In Uyo


Humanist activist and other guests from all walks of life are expected to converge on Uyo for a two-day national conference on stigmatization of children as witches and wizards in Akwa Ibom State. The national conference slated for Community Centre, University of Uyo, will be declared open by Governor Godswill Akpabio. It is organized by a non governmental organization called Nigerian Humanist Movement. Chatting with newsmen in Uyo, the Chief Executive Officer of the body, Mr Leo Igwe, said the purpose of the national conference is to present a humanist response to the issue. Igwe, who presented a paper at a workshop bordering on the same subject matter explained that many responses have been given to the issue, but this was the first time humanist response will be given to it.
Humanism, he explained further to mean, giving respect to human beings and also to recognize the human right of individuals including children to exist.
Igwe, who identified pastors as the main culprits to this evil against the children said the national conference was not to witch-hunt anybody, but rather to educate participants on the issue to guide their judgment. He maintained that witchcraft does not exist and that what people call witchcraft is nothing but superstitious belief based on ignorance and imagination.
Asked why Akwa Ibom State has been chosen to host the confab, Igwe said it was because the state was gaining notoriety over the issue more than any other state in the country, fueled by some of her citizens. Igwe thanked Governor Akpabio for signing into law the child right act, hoping that this will bring an end to many more children that would have been thrown into the street to suffer unnecessarily.
He cautioned parents against falling into temptation of patronizing those fake pastors who will capitalize on their ignorance by branding their children witches and wizards for their financial gains and thereby causing those children to be dehumanized and subjected to untold hardship.